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About CORE

Why “CORE”?
The CORE is so much more than just a “six-pack abs;” it is your body’s power zone and the beginning of ALL movement.  The body's CORE includes the muscles of your shoulders, the chest, the abdomen, the hips, the pelvis and the upper and lower back muscles. A strong CORE helps your entire body work more efficiently and, as a benefit - reduces the risk of injury during exercise, sports and everyday activity.

Some of the advantages to having a well-planned CORE-strengthening program include:

  • Reduction of current muscle imbalances which reduce the risk of injury
  • Decreases pressure and strain on the low back during exercise or daily activity
  • Allows for proper and safe exercise for each individual

CORE Personal Training vs. Health Club?
 CORE Personal Training is a division of SMPT and offers customized fitness programs to support any goal.  While participation in CORE Personal Training will surely maintain the success of any Physical Therapy program, the focus and purpose are separate.

CORE is led by Brandon Hayes, a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant. CORE supports its clients achievement of their fitness goals with customized exercise instruction, education and programming.

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